Extra Credit

Of all the activities we had in this past few weeks, my 3 favorites are graffiti drawing, street art, and visiting an art museum. The reason for this is because those activity required me to go outside, I enjoyed moving around during the activity. I felt more exposed and open to the idea of art rather than being reserved and not putting much effort into the activity.

My least 3 favorites are plaster casting, cuisine, and fiber art wall hanging because they required materials which I did not have access to. I had to go to the store and buy these materials which were costly. I did enjoy the activities but I wouldn’t say they were my favorites.

Using slack throughout the summer was very convenient, I prefer slack over beachboard because it has more application than beachboard. Also, beachboard tend to have maintenance issues during the weekend therefore, we would have had to delay some of the posting.

I thought all three Art Activities, Art talk, and Artist OTW were useful when learning the knowledge. What I loved about the Art talk was the fact we watched a podcast video instead of reading articles. I was able to listen while multitasking. The art activities and artist of the weeks were reasonable and fun. There weren’t any bad aspects of these three because it was on our mobile devices and we could literally participate anywhere. Overall, I believe it is the best the way it is.


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