Artist of the week 11: Vanessa Blaylock

For this weeks artist, we have Vanessa Blaylock. She is known to be a blogger and an avatar designer. On most of her blogs that she posts, we don’t get to see her true identity but see many avatars that she identifies herself as. Her ideas and creativity has caused many others to follow her footsteps, and many use avatars as a civil rights movement. Those who are rejected from society has created a fake identity to express their opinions. There have been few debates whether she is considered to be an artist because her anonymous identity has caused many disbelief on civil rights as well as her graphic design. In contemporary society, we see many trolls on the internet who cannot be taken seriously. Others say Vanessa is considered a legit artist due to her ability to design an avatar using a computer due to it’s creativity.

In relations to my experience, I would say Vanessa can be considered as an artist due to her creativity of advocating civil rights using avatars , as well as designing them. When I play a MMORPG game, I design my character in a fashionable way. I do consider this as being a legit art because instead applying art using a paper and a pencil, I can create one using the computer. Overall, i find it interesting for an artist to use an avatar to express her rights without identify herself.


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