Artist of the week 10: Joseph DeLappe

This weeks artist is Joseph DeLappe. He uses gaming as his art to express his thoughts and ideas. As shown above, we see a picture of a pixelated soldier dead and the statue of liberty miserably weeping. The picture on the bottom shows him playing in a game, listing all the soldiers who had died in iraq to protect our lives.

Joseph expresses and challenges the idea of morality when playing a first person shooting game while troops are consistently dying  in the battlefield for our country. Most of his art piece contains gaming or cardboard used for pixelated images. People in games would either be offended for bring the topic up because it is inappropriate and just a game to play for fun. Others would seriously consider this topic and reconsider their actions. His other famous work is the salt march which he walks on a treadmill impersonating Gandhi.

I actually did once  think about the soldiers who are at service when I was playing counter strike, a shooting game. Because we humans have can be inhuman at some point in life, we try to enjoy the thrill that we don’t experience often. But, because soldiers struggle and risk their lives on a daily basis, it is not something anyone can enjoy. For these reasons, I find it very creative for Joseph to use gaming to convey our involvement on war.


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