Artists of the week 9: Guy Tang & Kat Von D

For this weeks artists, we have Guy Tang and Kat Von D. As we see the pictures above, the two pictures on the left are Guy Tang’s work which he works with female hair. The two pictures on the right shows us the work of Kat Von D which she works on tattoos. The art we are taking a look at are more towards fashion rather than a typical paper and pencil type of art. When examining the pictures, we can see Guy focusing on different hair colors to transform a model. Kat on the other hand uses portraits to tattoo art onto one’s body. Both artist are very unique and focuses art on one’s physical appearance.

Guy Tang studied at a beauty college to become a hairstylist. Most of his work focuses on hair transformation which he uses various colors. Most of his art models tend to have a presence due to their hair color rather than just having a plain black hair. On the other hand, Kat Von D drop out of high school to pursue her career in tattoo. She draws a vivid image of famous portraits such as the Mona Lisa. As learned in our art class this week, her art style tends to be more representational. When looking at her other detailed artwork, it seems very lifelike and authentic. It is amazing yet very creepy because Mona Lisa is an art history masterpiece and drawing on one’s skin seems to be out of place yet creative.

Considering that I don’t have a tattoo and barely have any hair, I cannot relate these artist. Though, I found these artist to be amazing because I cannot image the amount of time it takes for one artwork. Overall, I was able to see modern fashion as art and how it relates to representational art.


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