Activity week 8: Street Photography

For this weeks activity, I had to take photography of street. The first picture I took was on the street which there were motorcyclists. The second photo was a picture I took of a pizza restaurant  when I was in San Francisco by coincident, which we see people casually walking on the side walk. The third picture was during a bike ride, I was able to take a picture of strangers on the bike as they rode down the long beach bike trail. The next picture was at California Adventures during the night show, I was able to see many people on the streets taking a picture of the parade. The last picture was a normal street where we see ordinary people do there daily live activities, which shows realism in the American society. At first, I felt like taking a picture of random stranger on the street was awkward, but when I focus the camera on an object where people happen to be in the picture; I felt more natural.


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