Artist of the week 8: Street Photography

For this week’s artist, we have four different artists on the topic of street photography. We have Garry Winogrand, Scott Schuman, Daniel Arnold, and Philip-Lorca diCorcia. All of these artists had people in their photography which randomly exposed strangers daily lives in a street. Though some street artist focused on the fashion of the people, others focused on the perfect moments which people happened to be a model. Though, it is quite disturbing to take a photo of people without their consent, some of these artists would ask people for their approval. The picture above shows the artwork of each individual artists and we can see some similarity and differences.

The first picture is the work of  Garry Winogrand, who focused street photography which depicted a typical American lifestyle and their social issues. We can see in the picture that three ordinary woman are walking down the street, which looks like they are heading out for lunch casually. The second picture shows the work of Scott Schuman, who focused more on the fashion of the street art. He would take out his camera and take photos of people with nice sense of outfit. As shown, we can see two woman used as a model in his art work. The third artist we look at is Daniel Arnold. We can see in his art work, he takes random pictures of the street. Unlike other artists, Daniel uses Instagram to display his art work which he was able to expand his popularity. The last picture shows the art work of Philip-Lorca diCorcia. He focused on snapshots of individual people, which shows reality on the street. All these artists have different style of street photography.

I find street photography to be quite overrated because we can see these photos ourselves. I also find it quite disturbing as well due to taking pictures of random strangers. It interferes the boundary of  people’s private matters. Though, I do take pictures of people if I find it intriguing like celebrities or street performers. Overall, I was able to learn the different styles from the artists this week.     


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