Artist of the week 7: Janet Cardiff

This weeks artist is Janet Cardiff. She uses sound installations and audio-walk as her art work which is basically using sound as a background for the audience to imagine the setting. Her art work is very creative and unique in that, she has the audience participate by using their hearing senses rather than visual senses. As shown on the picture above, we can see how she places the speakers to create sounds and we can also see the viewers sitting as they imagine a visual setting.

The interesting thing about Janet’s sound installation is that we do not need vision to create an art. It is the type of art that even a blind person can enjoy and everyone cannot critique because it is the audience who create the art piece. As art is usually described and displayed in paintings, there are many opinions on drawings due to many different perspectives and thoughts. But, Janet was able to have those different people enjoy different imagery. Though, we do have the same thoughts when some of the sounds seem to fit the situation. If we hear a creepy disturbing¬†sound, we tend to imagine something scary and horror. Likewise, if we heard a soothing comfortable music, we imagine something that makes our body relax. In a way we visualize the same idea but view it differently.

I can relate to this experience when I listen to classical music, I would close my eyes and visualize nature. I never thought hearing and imagining a setting I have created would be considered an art. I believe Janet was able to demonstrate that art does not have to be seen with our eyes but can be heard to view what we want to imagine. This also teaches us that our mind is creative and powerful.




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