Activity week 7: Museum visit

For this weeks activity, we had to visit a museum which I went to the Getty museum. I took many different pictures from paintings to sculptures to objects. In the first picture, we can see a picture of me with the vase created by Jean-Désiré Ringel d’Illzach. This bronze vase had an interesting image of life such as a peacock. The second painting was a sculpture of Apollo by Joseph Wilton. The third picture shows a musical clock by Giuseppe Valadier. The picture at the top right is the crucifix which is a display of Jesus being crucified in a large scale stained glass made by an anonymous French artist. The picture on the right shows the central garden of the Getty museum. The picture on the mid-bottom shows various European glass and ceramics. The last picture “Cupid and Pan” is by an Italian artist, Federico Zuccaroo. What I like about the last painting is that we can see the cupid pulling Pan’s ears which depicts the love between divine and earth. I was able to see many different art works throughout the Getty museum, overall it was a fun experience.


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