Artist of the Week 6: Andy Warhol

The artist of this week is Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was known to be a homosexual artist, and not many people like his art work during the time. Though his sexuality did not effect nor bother his work, his notable art became one of the most valuable masterpiece throughout art history. The pictures above shows us his work on pop art. He mostly painted until developed the silk screening technique as shown in the bottom right.

Andy Warhol focused his paintings on iconic figures such as Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson as shown above. His well known work is the Campbell’s soup cans with different flavors. Andy Warhol learned how to silk- screen which it acts like a printing press but with pictures. The process consists of ink transferred onto a substrate which stencils are used to block the desired parts for the design, as we can see Andy himself working on the procedure. The picture of “Eight Elvises” as mentioned earlier is one of the most valued art work throughout history. It shows an image of eight different Elvis from Cowboy overlapping one another.

I believe Andy Warhol’s painting reminds me of the past which gives me a nostalgic memory. I have never tried Campbell’s soup cans but I do know the celebrities back in the 1960’s. To this day I still watch Muhammad Ali’s boxing matches. I like the idea of pop art because as time passes, these pictures remind us of history. For these reasons, I believe the art itself reminds me of the past. Though, his art style does not seem great, his focus on celebrities made his art work stand out and shine till this day.


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