Artist of the Week 5: Marina Abramovic

This weeks artist was Marina Abramovic, also known as the “grandmother of performance art”. The picture above shows many of her dangerous stunts which she believes encountering fear is her way of overcoming it. She is known to be limitless and free because she seems to be brave and strong doing many of the stunts that many people cannot think of. She believes art comes from nature and life, not studio therefore she doesn’t like the idea of her art being created at a compacted room that restricts her talent.

One of the most dangerous stunts she was known for was, letting the audience do what they pleased to her for six hours with the objects and weapons that were on the table. At first, she was faced with admiration and respect, but as time went on, people started to become aggressive. There were minor rapes and a lot of inflicted harms. One guy pointed a gun at her head. At the end of the experiment, she looked as if she was a raped victim with tears and blood. She confronted the audience but they felt guilty, running away from the scene. Though other stunts she did were direct contact with dangerous animals or experimenting with harmful objects. I believe this shaped up our culture by inspiring many people in performance art such as James Franco and Lady GaGa. As mentioned, her art shows a strong sense of bravery which communicates to the audience that fear must be overcome by confrontation.

I believe this relates to my life in that every time I am scared to do something, I tend to run away. But, eventually I have to overcome my fears sometimes in my life. I had many minor things I was scared of such as driving, but with confrontation and practice, I was able to ignore failures and the negative outcomes. To show confrontation of fear by art is an interesting idea. For these reasons, I thought this weeks artist was very insightful when it came to overcoming fear.


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