Activity week 5: Instagram

This weeks activity was to post picture on Instagram. I took four picture randomly during the day. As shown above, I took a picture of a TV-show I was watching, my dog, the lunch I was eating, and dessert. This just shows my activity during my free time. What I noticed in the “Group Portraits” was that many people took photos of food, themselves, environment, pet, or their activity. I believe the connection of my picture and the group was that we took pictures of our typical lives. I feel that Instagram had us connected as a community because we take a picture of our surroundings at the same moment with one another yet do different activities. Such as, one person is at the pier yet another person is shopping, which shows how different people enjoy time at a different places. Some of us took similar pictures which was surprising because it seemed like de javu but really we just follow the social norms. I didn’t see any pictures that seemed out of place, which shows that we all do normal things on a normal day.  For these reasons, I felt that the group was an one big connected community .


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