Artist of the week 4: Francesca Woodman

This weeks artist was Francesca Woodman. Most of her works involve nudity and blur, along with black and white photos. The first photo shows a blur of her blending in with the wall. The second picture on the top right shows her hiding in the corner. The picture below the second and the last picture shows a paranormal phenomena type of art where the blur and her shadow makes her look like a ghost.

Francesca Woodman’s art work is quite unique to our modern art because blur photos are usually deleted, but she actually uses it to describe her thoughts. I believe the blur and the cover up of her body whether nude or not, shows that she is like a ghost. She has a presence yet wants to hide as we can see in most of her photos. The first picture shows that she wants to blend in with the environment, yet she sticks her leg out to show that she is there. The second photo shows her hiding in the corner, as we can see she is there but not exposed. The third and fourth photo shows a blur which shows a shadow but not her identity. We don’t get to see Francesca’s identity in most of her works but we can feel her presence which is very creative. It seems as if she describes herself like a ghost.

I believe this can relate to my experience because Francesca implies that people due hide in the inside but expose themselves physically. I can be shy at times but I don’t show my expression on the outside. My idea on Francesca’s art is very creative and interesting. She was able to convey her thoughts and ideas very well through using blur and, black and white photo. Overall, I was able to learn an interesting style of art. It is very unfortunate for this talented and unique artist to die at such a young age.



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