Artists from the film, “Bomb It”

This week’s artist were not one but many from the film, “Bomb It”. The graffiti artists that I chose are famous in different countries. The first picture shows the first graffiti artist, CORNBREAD from Philadelphia, U.S. and he inspired many graffiti’s throughout the country. The second picture on the top right is Blek the Rat from Paris, France. The picture right below the second is Zezao from Sao Paolo, Brazil. The fourth picture on the bottom left is a graffiti created by BELX 2 from Japan. The last picture is a famous graffiti artist, Revok from Los Angeles, U.S.

Many of these artists have different styles of graffiti art and they are renown from their city. CORNBREAD was the first graffiti artist to tag his name on the wall without writing a gang affiliated symbol. As mentioned, he inspired many young graffiti artist and also raised awareness back in 1980’s. The second artist, Blek the Rat is a famous graffiti artist in Paris and his first work was paintings of a rat on the wall. He described rats as “free animals” which spreads like a plague, also raising awareness on street art. The third artist is Zezao from Sao Paolo. Zezao’s art works are usually painted in abandoned places such as the sewers. He is motivation is to connect with Sao Paolo by bringing “life” into the suburbs. The next artist is BELX 2 from Japan, her art work usually consists of a her emotion which is joy. The last artist is Revok from Los Angeles. His art consists his name and his motivation is to express freedom. I believe graffiti connects to our culture to show the freedom of art. Even today, we see many graffiti’s in New York City and Los Angeles. It has become a cultural icon in a bit, negative way.

Graffiti art does not connect to my personal life or experience but I was able to learn from the documentary. My idea on graffiti has been negative because properties are vandalized and usually, it affiliates with gangs. I do think some graffiti art are amazing and inspiring, but the fact that it is illegal, makes it less appealing. I believe graffiti art may be fun because I can imagine myself expressing my emotions. Overall, this topic was interesting.




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