Artist of the Week 2: Ana Mendieta

The picture above shows the artist, Ana Mendieta using her body as a form of art. The first picture shows herself covered in mud, becoming part of nature. The second art on the top right displays herself covered in flowers as she burns. The third art shows a scene where she describes rape. The fourth art in the lower middle shows her facial transplant. Lastly, the last photo depicts domestic violence. These pictures are Mendieta’s popular art work and they stood out for which they are relevant to feminism.

Mendieta conveys feminism through most of her art work for one obvious reason which she uses her body. By exhibiting female body in most of her art, she is able to deliver her message in a powerful way. This is relevant to our culture because we can clearly see that female are treated unequally in comparison to male. The first photo and the second photo shows herself covered in mud and flower which she taints a female body to show that they aren’t subjects solely for sex. Female body is a part of mother nature referring them to the “womb” of mankind. The third and the last picture shows physically violence and rape towards female body. She reveals that women are treated badly, exposing her body and tainting her face as if she was the victim. The fourth pictures shows herself disguised as a male showing that man and female are equal regardless of their physical features.

Today, these issues that she communicates through her body art, are controversial issues we hear and read about in our society. Just viewing her art work, it really shows her support for feminism and by exposing her body, she was able to convey a strong message and idea on these issues. As I never experienced feminist issues, I believe Mendieta’s art has drawn me into considering these issues.



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