Artist of the week: Allan Kaprow

allan kaprows happening fluids photographed by dennis hopper in beverly hills_0

This weeks artist that we studied and examine was Allan Kaprow. He created the idea “Happening” which describes the moment when the viewers participate in an activity that pictures themselves with the environment. Kaprow viewed that art does not have to be hand drawn or even be a picture we hang on the wall. Art can come in many form and what interested me about Kaprow was that, he used disposable materials such as tires and ice to create his “happening”. He also believed that the activities which people participate in, closes the gap between the viewers and the art itself. Th picture in the top shows Kaprow and the people using enclosures of ice to build a block. We can see Kaprow himself engaging in the activity, which eliminates the border between the environment and the people like himself.


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